Installation Tools

  • 7” Arrow Segment Cup Wheel - 25/30 Grit Diamond Blade 7” Arrow Segment Cup Wheel - 25/30 Grit Diamond Blade

    7” Arrow Segment Cup Wheel - 25/30 Grit Diamond Blade

    7” Arrow Segment Cup Wheel - 25/30 Grit Diamond For Concrete Epoxy Grinding 5/8"  Intended for grinding, cleaning, leveling, and smoothing concrete surface - grinding epoxy, urethane, paint and thick coatings, cleaning/erasing floor...
  • Korker's FLEXIBLE Bed Spiked Shoes Korker's FLEXIBLE Bed Spiked Shoes

    Korker's FLEXIBLE Bed Spiked Shoes

    Revolutionary - perfect fit, balance, and flexibility For use with high performance floor coatings The safest spiked shoes available Snap-lock buckle system 20 replaceable spikes per shoe Toe and heel guard Fits like a shoeMEDIUM: Fits Shoe...
  • 2 Gallon Bigmouth Bucket
    Floorguard Products

    2 Gallon Bigmouth Bucket

    High capacity, easy-fill finish pour bucket Pour finish directly on the surface during application High impact, solvent resistant molded plastic Top pour handle Semi transparent white Sold by the bucket  
  • Bucket Buster
    Floorguard Products

    Bucket Buster

    Makes opening buckets a breeze
  • 5-Gallon Plastic Mixing Bucket
    Floorguard Products

    5-Gallon Plastic Mixing Bucket

    5-Gallon Plastic Measuring Buckets (No Lids) Color-Translucent with measuring increments to ensure accurate measuring
  • 14” Heavy Duty Floor Scraper
    Floorguard Products

    14” Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

    All steel construction, painted to prevent rusting  5' tubular steel handle  Powder coated handle
  • Hand Trowel
    Floorguard Products

    Hand Trowel

    11" x 4 1/2" comfort trowel
  • 5 Quart Measuring Bucket
    Floorguard Products

    5 Quart Measuring Bucket

    A 5 quart semi-transparent tub with visible quart and liter calibrations for easy mixing/measuring Solvent resistant, reusable and recyclable
  • 1000' x 3" Caution Tape
    Floorguard Products

    1000' x 3" Caution Tape

    Great for protecting your work! If you don't protect your work and something happens, you're liable 1,000 sf 
  • Spikes
    Floorguard Products


    Polypropylene spiked shoes 3/4" inch spikes come with a Quick-release snap-buckle strap system They are a must when installing resinous flooring systems  Sold by the pair One size fits all  
  • Ear Muffs
    Floorguard Products

    Ear Muffs

    Ultimate ear protection, with soft cushions Low headband force 2.4 lbs. Lightweight, 6.8 oz. Ease of adjustments with flexible slide clips Capable of multi-position use Sold individually
  • Organic Vapor Respirator (FTC)
    Floorguard Products

    Organic Vapor Respirator (FTC)

    3M pre-assembled respirators helps provide ultimate worker protection. Size: Large Sold individually
  • Rags  (10 lb. box)
    Floorguard Products

    Rags (10 lb. box)

    Gray knit, low lint and super absorbent These handy rags are sold by the 10 lb. box
  • Cloth Gloves
    Floorguard Products

    Cloth Gloves

    Our cotton jersey gloves are breathable and absorbent They have a knit wrist and are comfortable Sold by the pair
  • 3" Masking Tape
    Floorguard Products

    3" Masking Tape

    Industrial 3" masking tape made with conformable bleached crepe paper coated with natural rubber cured adhesive Sold per roll