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​Flooring Options For All Abilities (Part One)

Apr 19th 2018

Maneuvering life in a wheelchair or in an adaptive walking device such as a walker, can make navigating things more challenging and create new obstacles that require modification daily. Perhaps you’re vision impaired or have a seizure disorder which creates scenarios that leave you vulnerable to the spaces in which you’re in. With the new challenges you greet everyday, moving within your own home should be completely accessible and not a struggle.

Whether you’ve been in a wheelchair your whole life or it’s more recent, having a safe floor for you to operate on is crucial to living in a healthy and safe environment. The American With Disabilities Act (ADA) recommend a few common pieces that you should have in ADA accessible homes such as a coefficient of friction (slip-resistance) of about 0.5, avoid large transitions more than a ½ inch high, such as going from high-pile carpet to epoxy flooring, and flooring that is prone to the effects of wear and tear.

At Floorguard, we have over 30 years of dedicated experience in the flooring industry. We specialize in floor coatings such as epoxy resin floor paint and metallic epoxy paint and are here to help you find an adaptable solution for all your flooring requirements. In today’s post, we’ll touch on adaptive flooring and how our products can assist all abilities.

Adaptive Flooring For All Abilities

If you’re currently in the thick of a home remodel or need floor paint and products to better suit your lifestyle, the flooring industry has come a long way, meaning you don’t have to simply deal with a feature that you don’t like or one that is less accommodating.

Flooring impacts your day-to-day activities and it is arguably one of the most essential elements in a home. If the flooring is not compliant with varying abilities, seek options that makes your home life easier to navigate. Before you look into all your flooring options, consider these important characteristics that are imperative for adaptive flooring.

  • Maneuverability - You know your abilities best so finding a flooring option that suits you will greatly improve your time at home. Maneuverability is important to consider because it will differ for everyone. If you’re in a wheelchair, high-pile carpet may make it difficult to turn and access different rooms with ease, while high-pile carpets might be a great option for those with epilepsy or seizure disorders as it provides a safe, padded place for falls.
  • Floorguard has also evolved, and it’s no longer the only option as a garage floor paint. The new innovations make it perfect for any room in the house. If you’re seeking increased maneuverability, Floorguard has countless options from metallic pigments to flake and quartz effects.
  • Durability - Any floor you choose should be able to withstand heavy traffic, especially if you’re using adaptable devices such as wheelchair, cane, or walker. Because of the increased weight and wear-and-tear you obtain from a wheelchair, finding an resilient and durable option will save money overtime from having to constantly replace a cheaper, less durable option. Floorguard has many durable floor paints, such as an epoxy floor coating. These floor coatings began as a way to upgrade garage room floors and help make them slip-resistant and able to withstand the wear-and-tear of vehicles, so an epoxy floor coating is great for durability.
  • Floor aesthetics - Although the functionality of the flooring you choose is crucial, having floors that you like and ones that speak to your style is also very important. On high-gloss and dark colored flooring, wheelchair marks tend to be more visible. Find a balance between function and aesthetics for the perfect floors. Floorguard has amazing epoxy floor paint choices that complement any budget and style. Choose from lighter colored floors and add stylish effects such as metallic flakes or a quartz finish.

Whether you’re deciding between carpet or epoxy floor coatings, considering a couple of flooring characteristics for accessible homes may make the search a bit easier. When deciding on flooring, consider the maneuverability for the effortless ability of moving from room to room without complications, durability and the wear and tear your flooring takes,and the overall style of the floors to make your home a reflection of who you are.

For flooring that is stylish and trendy, slip-resistant, maneuverable, and one of the most durable options on the market, choose a floor epoxy from Floorguard. Our epoxy floorings come in a variety of styles and colors that fit any style and budget. Choose from a metallic pigment that creates a three-dimensional look, one of our 30 flake blends, or a quartz blend that merges class with functionality.

Stay tuned for part two, as we explore the different types of flooring that unites universal accessibility in all homes.

Find all your epoxy flooring options at Floorguard. Connect with us today and place your order tonight!