Helicopter Pad Transformed by Garages Done Right with Floorguard Products

Helicopter Pad Transformed by Garages Done Right with Floorguard Products

Oct 30th 2023

When it comes to undertaking extraordinary transformations, Garages Done Right consistently sets a new standard of excellence. Their recent makeover of a helicopter pad using the 200PA System is nothing short of awe-inspiring. In this blog, we'll delve into the breakdown of the 200PA System, its impressive durability, and the pivotal role played by HyperFLEX in achieving a stunning and long-lasting result.

Before embarking on the installation of the 200PA System, Garages Done Right began by applying HyperFLEX, a versatile and robust epoxy resin. HyperFLEX is a true three-in-one solution: it serves as a fast-curing basecoat, a flexible membrane for surfaces in poor condition, and a repair gel for joints, cracks, and divots. What sets HyperFLEX apart from other fast-curing epoxies is its remarkable 150% elongation flexibility rating. This means it can stretch 1 ½ times its thickness while absorbing significant impact, ultimately reverting to its original state. It forms the foundation for a resilient and durable coating.

Helicopter Pad Epoxy Floor Coating

The 200PA System is an outstanding high-strength, single-broadcast floor coating system. It consists of a pigmented epoxy base coat, a full broadcast of silica sand, and a pigmented polyaspartic top coat. This combination they used yields an exceptionally durable, chemical-resistant, and visually appealing aliphatic system, ideal for high-traffic areas that demand an attractive, thick, high-performance, and protective concrete coating. This heavy-duty flooring system offers a long-lasting bond and a durable polyaspartic topcoat, giving it complete UV stability, perfect for this helicopter pad.

One of the standout features of the 200PA System is its ability to withstand up to 9 lbs of MVE pressure. This remarkable durability ensures that it can handle even the most demanding environments like this one. Additionally, it can be installed over wet or damp concrete, thanks to Floorguard Products' proprietary water-insensitive epoxy technology. The Platinum 200PA System offers superior wear and physical characteristics, creating a textured, durable surface that is both visually appealing and easy to maintain. Its versatility makes it a perfect fit for a wide range of applications, from industrial and commercial spaces to residential areas.

The sequence of products used in this transformation process was essential in achieving such remarkable results:

  1. HyperFLEX flexible membrane subfloor
  2. Pigmented HyperBOND base coat
  3. Full large silica broadcast until rejection
  4. Pigmented Aspartic 100 Slow Go top coat
  5. Logo done with Aspartic 85 fast cure
  6. Final topcoat - H2O ZioTHANE Low Gloss

Garages Done Right's use of the 200PA System, along with the strong foundation provided by HyperFLEX, has resulted in an extraordinary transformation. Their attention to detail, commitment to durability, and the versatility of these products have created not only a resilient but also a visually stunning surface on this helicopter pad. Transforming a helicopter pad is no small feat, and Garages Done Right has achieved this with flying colors, showcasing their expertise and the remarkable capabilities of the 200PA System.

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