Install of the Month: Baseketball Court Installation

Install of the Month: Baseketball Court Installation

May 2nd 2024

At the heart of every stunning transformation lies innovation, dedication, and our top-of-the-line concrete coatings. Steel Coated Epoxy Floors, an installation company renowned for their craftsmanship and commitment to excellence, recently wowed us with their latest project: a breathtaking basketball court installation in a Utah barndominium. Let's dive into how they achieved this remarkable install and the role our high-end concrete coatings played in bringing their vision to life.

DT-454: Elevating Winter-Time Installs

One of Steel Coated Epoxy Floors' go-to products, DT-454, proved to be indispensable in keeping their installation crews on schedule, especially during cooler temperatured projects. This 100% solids, self-priming epoxy resin boasts exceptional leveling properties, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish every time. DT-454 offers high chemical resistance and moderate UV resistance, making it versatile for use as both a base coat and a top coat in areas with low to moderate UV exposure. Its reliability and durability make it an ideal choice for demanding projects like indoor basketball courts.

Aspartic 85 Slow Go: The Ultimate Top Coat for Quality and Efficiency

Another star player in Steel Coated Epoxy Floors' product of choice is our Aspartic 85 Slow Go. This UV-stable polyaspartic coating delivers unparalleled durability and ease of application, revolutionizing the installation process. With an impressive 85% solids content, Aspartic 85 Slow Go provides superior strength and longevity, requiring only one top coat over a full flake floor. What sets it apart is its extended working time of over 60 minutes, allowing installers to pour large batches, squeegee, and back roll without the worry of roller marks. This game-changing feature not only makes it a favorite among installers but also significantly increases work capacity, empowering flooring installation companies to tackle projects with unmatched efficiency.

Congratulations to Steel Coated Epoxy Floors for their well-deserved win of the Install of the Month title. Their innovative use of our high-end concrete coatings showcases their talent and dedication to delivering exceptional results. We are incredibly grateful to partner with such a talented team, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration on future projects that push the boundaries of creativity and excellence. Here's to elevating spaces and creating lasting impressions together!