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HyperBOND® is our incredible 100% solids, water-insensitive epoxy resin. It exhibits superior bonding characteristics, and can be installed over wet or damp concrete (as long as there are no standing puddles). Use HyperBOND® to install beautiful, seamless, and durable floors that are easy to clean. This product is ideal for wherever a high-build, protective coating is required. Perfect anywhere an epoxy is recommended, and is ideal for humid climates where concrete sweats. HyperBOND® can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. HyperBOND® is a 2:1 ratio and is available in clear or can be pigmented in 14 colors. When adding pigment, use 6-10 oz. of pigment per mixed gallon based on color (lighter colors need more pigment load and darker colors need less).