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 HyperBOND is the platinum of epoxy base coats. This incredible 100% solids, water-insensitive epoxy resin exhibits superior bonding characteristics, and can be installed over wet or damp concrete as it boasts outstanding water-insensitivity technology. Just get rid of any standing puddles and you are ready to install. Use HyperBOND to install beautiful, seamless, and durable floors that are easy to clean. This self-priming epoxy features a buttery smooth viscosity and can withstand up to 9 lbs. of hydrostatic pressure. HyperBOND is ideal for wherever a high-build, protective coating is required. Perfect anywhere an epoxy base coat is recommended, and is ideal for humid climates where concrete sweating occurs. HyperBOND can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Available in clear or can be pigmented in 14 E-POLY pigment colors. HyperBOND 15-gallon kits are conveniently stocked in clear, Sable Gray, Medium Gray, and Tan.

  • Solids: 100% VOC-free

  • Mixing Ratio: 2:1 (sold in 3-gal + 15-gal kits)

  • Application: Flat squeegee and 3/4” back roll

  • Working Time: 35-45 minutes (based on 70°)

  • Cure Time: 15 hours (based on 70°)

  • Finish: Very clear, High Gloss 

  • UV Resistance: Moderate 

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Resistance: 9 lbs.