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Introducing, HyperFlex, our revolutionary new product designed to provide superior flexible properties with very rapid cure rates.  HyperFlex is our 100% solids epoxy resin that can be used as a (1) base-coat for full broadcast systems, (2) a flexible membrane, and (3) a repair gel to fill joints, cracks, & divots. This product has incredible impact resistance and flexibility with 150% elongation (the majority of epoxies only have an elongation of 6%). At temperatures around 70 degrees, HyperFLEX cures in about 2 hours , when being used as a base-coat or flexible membrane, allowing installers to install a 1-day system. When using this epoxy resin for a gel repair work, it cures in about 10 minutes, allowing installers to repair concrete and install the flooring system immediately after. HyperFLEX is ideal wherever a high build, fast-curing, protective, flexible coating is needed. Available in clear or can be pigmented in 14 colors. Sold in 2-gallon & 10-gallon kits with a 1:1 mixing ratio.

  • Fast, low temperature cure
  • 150% elongation
  • 1-day install
  • Extreme hardness & flexibility
  • High tensile and tear strength
  • Flexible membrane
  • Superior chip & crack resistance
  • Joint sealant
  • Flexible grouts and overlay