​26,000 SF Manufacturing Facility Epoxy Transformation - Floorguard Products

​26,000 SF Manufacturing Facility Epoxy Transformation - Floorguard Products

Posted by Floorguard Products on Mar 10th 2023

At Floorguard Products, we are known for formulating the highest quality Industrial Grade resinous coatings. Our customers are able to install our superior, American manufactured coatings for warehouses, manufacturing plants, auto body shops and any place that requires durable material for heavy machinery and high traffic areas.

OSG had a 26,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility located in St. Charles, Illinois, that needed the industry’s best coatings installed. They trusted Floorguard, our Illinois-based installation division and the most trusted and respected name in the floor coating industry, to completely transform their concrete. They were looking for a durable, industrial-grade system that would leave an easy-to-clean, slip resistant finish.

OSG is a leading manufacturer of taps, end mills, drills, and indexable cutting tools. OSG’s extensive line of high technology cutting tools features exclusive metallurgy, cutting geometries and proprietary surface treatments to help increase productivity, reliability and tool life. OSG also serves the fastener industry by offering a complete line of thread rolling, flat, cylindrical, planetary, rack and trim dies. The company markets its products to numerous industries including automotive, die mold, aerospace, energy, heavy industry, and dental.

After arriving at the complimentary in-person estimate, Floorguard’s coating specialist carefully surveyed the concrete and learned more about OSG’s flooring vision and needs. After an aggressive Stage Two paint removal, FGP’s Platinum Flake System was highly recommended, which consists of our platinum HyperBOND base coat, a full broadcast of decorative flake, and our HyperREZ UV epoxy top coat.

Prep and Concrete Repair

Prepping and reviving the concrete before pouring material is one of the most important steps when installing an epoxy floor, and that’s exactly what Floorguard executed perfectly. Four heavy duty diamond grinder machines were used to remove previously failed epoxy that was currently bonded to the concrete. This project required a Stage Two paint removal that only experts like Floorguard with proper equipment could remove. A group of installers began hand grinding congested areas where electrical boxes and the shipping docks were located to ensure the entire floor was prepped efficiently. After three days of hard work, sweat, and grit, the epoxy was removed, the cracked concrete was repaired with a flexible, impact resistant gel, and the concrete was ready for a proper mechanical bond!

Base Coat - Product Used: HyperBOND

As the team mixed the pre-pigmented HyperBOND in the color Sable Gray, a 2:1 ratio, 100% solids epoxy, you could visibly see how seamlessly the pigment and material blended together- smooth like butter! Only three installers were needed for the pouring, squeegeeing, and back rolling process due to HyperBOND’s ease of application and 45 minutes of working time. 

We firmly believe that not all epoxies were created equal. HyperBOND is the gold standard in epoxy base coats. This industrial grade epoxy will bond to wet or damp concrete due its water-insensitivity properties. This is ideal in states that experience high humidity with concrete sweat and heavy rain fall. HyperBOND is a self priming epoxy that can withstand 9 lbs. of hydrostatic pressure and is ideal for wherever a high-build, protective coating is required. This team was smart and used HyperBOND to have superior bonding and to ensure this high traffic manufacturing plant floor lasts for decades.

Top Coat - Product Used: HyperREZ UV

After the entire 26,000 sq. ft. floor was flaked, scraped, and vacuumed with our Torginol stocked flake blend, GRAVEL, it was time to get the top coat down on the floor! Because this manufacturing plant had little to no sunlight, our customer went with our most versatile and UV resistant epoxy, HyperREZ UV. With such a large space to coat, this 100% solids epoxy was the ideal choice, allowing the team 45 minutes of working time as they squeegeed and back rolled the durable top coat, roller mark and streak free. HyperREZ UV left a beautiful high gloss, UV and chemical resistant finish to this facility. 

Having the best material is half of the battle when installing epoxy floors. Partner with Floorguard Products, a manufacturer with the mindset of the installer with 35 years of installation experience. Let us be your One-Stop shop for all of your flooring needs from START to FINISH.

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PRODUCTS USED: HyperBOND (Base coat), HyperREZ UV (Top Coat), Gravel 1/4" (Flake Blend)