48-AWAY - Virus & Bacteria Disinfectant (5-Gal Bucket)

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48-AWAY is a next-level disinfectant that every flooring professional, business owner, and homeowner needs! When you spray 48-AWAY on ANY  surface,  do not wipe, and just let it dry! Now for the next 48 hours, any bacteria, virus, or germ- INCLUDING CORONA VIRUSES- that touches the surface will be terminated! This cleaner comes in a 64 oz. bottle with an ADJUSTABLE KNOB, so it can spray or mist! 

Spray on surface, DO NOT WIPE, let dry!
Any germ, bacteria, or virus will be terminated

  • Equipment
  • Inside all motor vehicles
  • Office desks
  • Tables
  • Door handles
  • Computer keyboards
  • Phones
  • & ANY surface you want to ensure fights against bacteria, viruses, and germs for 48 hours!