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Metallic Pigment

Metallic Floors have become incredibly popular due to their unique, 3 dimensional appearance. They offer the unique design of a stained floor, yet give the durability of an epoxy floor, making them perfect for any commercial or residential setting. We recommend using our HyperREZ UV, 100% epoxy, to install metallic floors with superior dynamic flow. With 17 stocked colors, the color combinations and designs are limitless!

  • Product sold in 4 oz. containers. 
  • 4 oz. of pigment per mixed gallon. (Example, a 3-gallon mix would require 3 containers of pigment, totaling 12 oz.)
  • Recommended spread rate is 50-75 sf per gallon (HyperREZ UV).
  • Metallic floors can be coated with a variety of top coats based on application requirements. We recommend either our Polyaspartic or Polyurethane line, whether it be our groundbreaking Slow Go or amazing water-based urethanes (H2O HyperTHANE Gloss/Low Gloss)
  • All colors shown are only approximate