Chilean Navy Warship Upgraded with HyperFlex

Chilean Navy Warship Upgraded with HyperFlex

May 15th 2024

In the bustling port of Chile, a remarkable project recently took place aboard the CNS Cochrane, a formidable vessel of the Chilean Navy. This ambitious endeavor aimed to bolster the safety and functionality of the ship's deck, a crucial space subject to immense vibrations and potential hazards, especially during combat operations. Spearheading this project was the local company Amrabas, renowned for its expertise in maritime surface treatments. The solution of choice? HyperFlex – a revolutionary product that proved its mettle in the most demanding conditions.

The Challenge: Safety Amidst Turbulence

The CNS Cochrane, a stalwart of Chile's naval fleet, faced a unique challenge: ensuring the safety of its crew amidst the thunderous reverberations caused by nearby artillery fire. The deck, spanning over 2100 square feet, required a robust anti-slip system capable of withstanding the rigors of naval operations. Traditional coatings simply wouldn't suffice in this high-stakes environment, prompting the search for an innovative solution.

HyperFlex: A Versatile Marvel

Enter HyperFlex – a game-changer in the realm of marine surface treatments. This three-in-one, 100% solids flexible epoxy resin emerged as the ideal candidate for the CNS Cochrane's deck upgrade. What sets HyperFlex apart is its unparalleled versatility:

1. Basecoat Brilliance: Acting as a fast-curing basecoat for full broadcast systems, HyperFlex lays a solid foundation for lasting protection.

2. Flexible Membrane: In situations where surfaces exhibit imperfections or irregularities, HyperFlex steps in as a flexible membrane, seamlessly coating over tile, wood, or concrete to provide a smooth, resilient surface.

3. Repair Gel Extraordinaire: Beyond its role as a coating, HyperFlex serves as a repair gel, adept at filling joints, cracks, and divots, ensuring a flawless finish.

Unmatched Performance

What truly distinguishes HyperFlex is its exceptional performance metrics. With an astounding 150% elongation flexibility rating, HyperFlex surpasses conventional epoxies, boasting the ability to stretch 1 ½ times its thickness and retract to its original state, even under the most strenuous conditions. This remarkable flexibility, coupled with extreme hardness and high tensile strength, renders HyperFlex impervious to impact and abrasion – a crucial attribute for naval applications.

Seamless Application, Lasting Results

The application process for HyperFlex on the CNS Cochrane was meticulously executed by Amrabas, following a rigorous preparation protocol. After bead blast preparation to optimize surface adhesion, the deck received two coats of rust-resistant epoxy primer, followed by a layer of underwater-rated epoxy. The pièce de résistance came in the form of HyperFlex, applied as a heavy, flexible membrane at a rate of approximately 70 square feet per gallon. A final layer of heavy-duty, military-grade non-skid epoxy provided the finishing touch, ensuring optimal grip and safety.

Safety Elevated, Efficiency Amplified

In conclusion, the transformation of the CNS Cochrane's deck stands as a testament to the transformative power of HyperFlex. By leveraging its unique properties, this innovative solution not only enhances safety and functionality but also streamlines maintenance efforts, saving both time and resources. As naval fleets worldwide seek to optimize performance in demanding environments, HyperFlex emerges as a reliable ally, safeguarding those who brave the high seas.

In the realm of maritime surface treatments, HyperFlex reigns supreme – a resilient guardian of safety and efficiency.


This blog highlights the remarkable application of HyperFlex aboard the CNS Cochrane, underscoring its versatility and unparalleled performance in naval environments. As advancements in marine technology continue to evolve, solutions like HyperFlex pave the way for safer, more resilient fleets across the globe.