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Aspartic 100 Slow Go®

Aspartic 100 Slow Go® is a 100% solids, two component polyaspartic. Because this product is 100% solids, it has little to no odor making it perfect for indoor settings or facilities that need a low odor product. This outstanding polyaspartic was developed for installers that might be a little hesitant about the working time of polyaspartics due to their rapid cure times. This groundbreaking product gives 45 minutes of working time allowing your company to: reduce the number of installers per job, double your work capacity, improve the quality of your floors, and increase revenue! The outstanding feature of this exceptional product is the long work time if offers installers, but also the excellent chemical resistance, hardness, abrasion resistance and UV stability. Available in clear or can be pigmented with PA pigment. 

Available in 3-gallon & 15-gallon kits with a 2:1 mixing ratio.